Analysis Report

The State of Ecommerce – 2019 Report

Over the course of two weeks in February 2019, two Semantics3 engineers crawled the entire universe of dotcom domains looking for ecommerce sites. We built our numbers bottom up, surveying over 138.2 million dotcom sites and analyzing ~6 million merchants. This report presents the observations that we gathered. Scroll to the end to access a downloadable PDF and interactive infographic.

Most reports on the state of ecommerce inevitably focus on dynamics associated with the largest players alone, typically built on financial reports from listed companies. In this report, we aim to provide a different perspective of the industry in two key ways:

  • We’ve holistically looked at all stakeholders in the industry, not just a sampled non-random subset, by analyzing all active ecommerce dotcom websites.
  • We’ve explored diverse aspects of the industry, including third-party marketplaces, social media platforms, hosting platforms, promotional channels, product catalogs & categories and technical intricacies.

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