Life Games

Do you dream of quitting your job, even if things are going quite well? Do you fantasize about doings something totally different, perhaps changing careers, moving cities or just taking a break? And have you been marinating on this possibility for years, unsure of how to act?

If so, I’d like to offer a simple framework that might help you find some clarity. This has been a hit in my social circle, which largely comprises late-20s & mid-30s professionals in successfully good careers, but nearly all afflicted by a pandemic of dissatisfaction, decision paralysis, anxiety and general “meh-ness”. Admittedly, the framework I lay out here isn’t mine and came to me via my friend Rohith Salim, but I take the liberty of laying it out here because it might help a reader or two.

Here it goes. There are six games that one can play in their lives:

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