Ecommerce is in Warp Speed: 10 Market Trends that are happening now

Artificial intelligence. Chatbots. Voice search. Virtual reality. Self-driving cars. Technology in 2017 and beyond sure promises to be exciting for consumers. For tech-centric businesses, these trends can be game-changing for those who adapt and overwhelming for those who struggle to keep up. As with all tech waves, disruption will follow close at heel and winners and losers will be anointed when the dust settles.

In this three-part series, we take a look at one niche in particular that is poised for change — product search in Ecommerce. That is, the process by which consumers discover and purchase products online, and the digital interfaces that they use to express intent. In part 1, we look at how the Ecommerce search experience is likely to evolve for consumers in the coming years. In part 2, we look at the technology that will enable these changes. In part 3, the final installment, we take a look at how these changes will affect the ecosystem of Ecommerce businesses, especially online retailers and the companies that support them.

Star Trek is a beautiful show. Its vision of a possible style of future for mankind — one in which society is brought together by science and technology — also envisions a future where we explore new frontiers with the best in tech.

If you like Star Trek, you’re probably also a fan of the gadgets that appear on the show — voice interface devices, replicators, holodecks and tricorders.

Have you ever wondered about how these devices came to be? Or about who invented these gadgets? And which companies manufactured them? Were these people elevated in the hierarchy in recognition of their efforts? Did these companies mint a proverbial fortune? And what happened to those who were vested in older technology when newer gadgets were invented?

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