To Read Less — My 2020 Resolution

Each December, I religiously set a list of personal targets for the new year. Usually, the first item on this list is a reading target, and inevitably, the target is to read more than I did the previous year.

This year though, my target is to read less than I did the previous year… cue shock, horror, cries of blasphemy! What’s gotten into you Govind?

I’ll get to my justification in a bit, but first, a bit of a back story that I think many may identify with.

Like most people I knew growing up, I viewed reading as the noblest virtue, but one that I didn’t do enough of. At times, I’d get through a couple of books a week, but at others, I’d find myself staring at the same page for hours on end. I tried to be deliberate about making reading more of a habit, but I had many many stretches of downtime that I was quite self-critical of.

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