Non-Tech, Poetry

The AI Founder’s Ballad

On Emotions

Exhilaration and disbelief, a constant thrill ride,
With the perennail fear of invalidation side by side.
With OpenAI releases sweeping over you like an endless ocean,
Am I really sure I want to drink this potion?

“It’s so over” <-> “we’re so back”, 10 times a day,
One moment, your business is making sense, the next, it’s gone astray.
But then you realize, you’re special, no one else has figured it out
and suddenly, “we’re so back,” you shout!

Revenue today or defensibility tomorrow, which way to go?
Revenue has its benefits, but defensibility will keep you in the flow.
Yes, that startup may have revenue, but it’s not defensible, so they’ll fall,
but what I’m building will eventually accrue value, so I’ll stand tall.

It’s the best time to startup they say,
If you’re not in the ocean, you’ll never catch a wave,
But if you’re there when the big fish are feeding, you’ll starve to death,
Leaving you wondering if it was worth holding your breath.

Sadness and schadenfreude, emotions hard to contain,
Dejection when value accrues to big tech again and again.
Sneaky consolation that it’s not just your idea that’s invalidated overnight,
and suddenly, the world seems a bit more right.

Should I pity the common folk, blissfully unaware, or am I the silly one,
These thoughts cloud your judgment, leaving you unsure and undone,
Do they know that AGI’s coming at them, or are you the only one with open eyes?
Either way, you must recognize that everyone’s reality lies beyond the skies.

On Beliefs

AGI Believers and Pessimists, and many more abound,
Some say “game over”, others say “new jobs will be found”,
Luddites we’re not some say, only fearful of what’s to come,
Yet some others say it’s just a word prediction fad, soon to be undone.

Vertical or Horizontal businesses, the great divide,
Building apps & plug-ins or infra, both claim to be right,
Customer use-cases some say is the key,
While others swear by captive data and extol privacy.

Centralization or Decentralization, which shall it be?
A few corporations in control, or models for you and me?
The battle lines are drawn, and the stakes are high,
Fight for keys to our AI cages, or just sit by and sigh?

As AI systems grow in complexity and scope,
Prompt engineering skills help us to cope,
Some consider it a new job frontier,
Others think it’s a bug that’ll disappear.

On Lingo

The reality now is, ChatGPT’s the only game in town,
But we say “LLMs” or “Foundational Models” to feel sound.
We can’t admit to others how much they’ve won,
So we speak of models like there’s more than one.

And the lingo we use is forever in motion,
ML and deep learning now evoke no emotion,
We no longer judge those who say AI out loud,
Generations have passed, we’re part of a different crowd.

Thus is life in AI, ever-changing and vast,
With beliefs, lingo, and emotions that last.
As we navigate this surreal terrain,
Let’s remember to innovate and remain humane.